I co-created the Sexualitree model with friend / sex educator / curriculum writer extraordinaire Karen Rayne. We put our heads together to help sex educators introduce a popular concept to students: “comprehensive sexuality education.”

From the About page:

“The Sexualitree is a way to see how we experience sexuality in different ways. Sexuality affects us on different levels of our lives, and each person uniquely.”

The basic Sexualitree Poster

We’ve created supplemental materials to help educators use the model, and it’s been implemented in dozens of curricula. As examples, check out:

Some of My Fav Stats

Calculated using a mix of methods (and generally underrepresented due to limitations), here's what The Sexualitree looks like by the numbers:

Statistic Last Count
Resource Downloads 43,440+
Countries Reached 88+
Translated Languages (we know of) 3