“A book about gender with no mention of the word ‘hegemony,’ but plenty of references to Star Wars, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek– with less of a focus on overwhelming scholarship and more of a focus on enjoyable learning.” (excerpt from the book’s (first edition) description)

I wrote this book because a bunch of people asked me to. It was a synthesis of the ideas (1) I had been blogging about; (2) I’d been speaking about; and (3) that helped me better understand my gender, when I first set down the path of understanding.

Second Edition

The first edition was adopted as part of their syllabi by so many Gender Studies professors that I had to amend the introduction. I also had some other things to fix. The second edition was released on March 15, 2017, and includes:

  • A New Foreword addressing how the book is being used, and how things changed over Times
  • New Chapters filling in some gaps from the 1st Ed
  • All-Gender Restroom Sign as the back cover, for readers who want to do a little guerrilla activism

Some of My Fav Stats

Calculated using a mix of methods (and generally underrepresented due to limitations), here's what A Guide to Gender looks like by the numbers:

Statistic Last Count
Copies Gifted 17,093+
Countries Reached 103+
Amazon Best-Seller Categories 3