I published my first version of the Genderbread Person, an adorable, digestible model for understanding the complexity of gender, to accompany an essay in 2011 (and made a more printer-friendly version early in 2012).

Sam Killermann's first version of Genderbread Person

I went on to create several versions of this model, improving and tweaking it based on feedback, and it’s been adapted and remixed by countless other educators and organizations over the years.

This was my spin on an idea that I was taught on back in college (in the early 2000s), which goes back in different forms for many decades. You can read all about my versions, and the history, on the Genderbread Page of IPM.

Some of My Fav Stats

Calculated using a mix of methods (and generally underrepresented due to limitations), here's what The Genderbread Person looks like by the numbers:

Statistic Last Count
Resource Downloads 2,724,000+
Countries Reached 108+
Translated Languages (I know of) 6