I wrote the show that became “It’s Pronounced Metrosexual” while I was in grad school.

It was my “Plan B” for if I don’t find a job in higher education. We were still in a recession, and jobs were tough to come by.

The online resource aspect of IPM, by about 100-fold the most popular byproduct of the site, was the result of a suggestion by my partner at the time.

Today, I travel to perform the show, and regularly contribute to the online resource by writing articles and doodling edugraphics.

Some of My Fav Stats

Calculated using a mix of methods (and generally underrepresented due to limitations), here's what It's Pronounced Metrosexual looks like by the numbers:

Statistic Last Count
Resource Downloads 1,000,000,000+
Montly Unique Visitors 203,310+
Countries Reached 238+
Annual Audience 2,473,605+
Articles with over 100K Social Shares 6