This adorable, shareable, and oh-so-subtly-activist love poem was inspired by Everyone in the 90s’ experience in high school.

The Singular They is Inclusive

“Writing with non-gender-neutral pronouns is a serious pain. Some prefer the Frankenword “s/he,” while others rack their brain. Some stick with a particular pronoun for one paragraph or chapter, then swap out the one they’re using; thers alternate “he” and “she” by sentence, or use a plural adapter, but that all sounds confusing.” (from the poem)

It’s a poem, but I supported it with footnotes and spritzed up with animated doodles, all doting over a more inclusive way to write and speak.

This project was peak “running with a funny idea” for me: I went from “ooo! What if!” to several-hour-binge-of-work to 10K+ social shares in under 24-hours.