With guest activists, authors, and artists who have who have been pushed to the fringes by the movement, spent their lives fighting for social justice, or fighting against it, Heretic is a light conversation about the darkness in society.

It’s also the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

I started writing about The Social Justice Dogma on It’s Pronounced Metrosexual in December of 2017.

Visual Design + Identity

The branding of Heretic is sunny day at the beach meets Da Vinci Code. My hope is that I can convey the optimism of the project, while acknowledging the cryptic, paradoxical, and confounding nature of the subject. I’m also leaving everything a little messy, because there is no way this conversation is going to be anything but.

All of the iconography and typography is hand-doodled on my iPad.

I made an animated logo (like with I <3 Singular They), which I’m sure I’ll regret later, but love right now.


Heretic was conceived as a partnership, but my producer dropped out early, which led to a delay in launch. As of this writing, and post-launch, it’s a solo-produced effort (duo if you count Chewbacca, which I do).

The plan is for Heretic to be a weekly show, primarily focused on guest interviews, with each episode centering around a distinct theme.

I’m doing my best to keep the production lean, and focusing on quality of content, not bells & whistles.

Website Development

I created the website from the ground up with two goals in mind:

  1. Make it easy for people to listen to the podcast (obvs)
  2. Build the foundation for a community of ideas and collective action

Toward that second goal, I have lots of things in the works, including:

  • Community voting on future podcast guests
  • A growing Codex of tenets of the Social Justice Dogma, including alternatives
  • A growing list of resources that are brought up in episodes
  • Patron-funding, with the ability to connect to one another and the show team

The first goal was simpler, and I hope I accomplished by building a site that supported a ton of different podcast platforms, and makes it easy for people to stream from either their app of choice, or directly on the site itself.