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The many different hats I wear.

Without a formal education in any of these skills, I taught myself what was necessary to create each project and contribute to global justice.


Writing for the internet, publishing bite-sized morsels, without editorial oversight or direction.


Developing websites and writing the code that makes the projects work. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Go, Python, React, and more.

Curriculum Writer

Determining learning outcomes, then coming up with activities and the step-by-step instructions necessary to hit those goals.


Designing every part of the project, from logos & branding, to typography & print, to user experiences & interfaces. Spending lots of time in Photoshop, Adobe XD, and notebooks.


Teaching people stuff! Sharing knowledge in an engaging, responsive, learner-centered way, online and in-person.


Guiding groups in a collective process, working with them to learn & unlearn, and accomplish a unified goal, together.


Shooting video, editing it, and doing all the color-grading, audio, & post-production. Spending lots of time in Premiere and After Effects.