I’m writing from a coffee shop in Austin, TX where I just spent two hours trying to get this site to deploy on Netlify. Annnnd success?


This site is part of a huge life restructuring I’m currently undertaking. I wrote about it on my blog, but here’s the highlighted version:

  1. My primary org (hues) dissolved in its original vision at the beginning of this year
  2. I’m no longer with a speaking/talent agency (for the first time in half a decade)
  3. And as a result, I’ve started to rethink everything I do, mostly in the “Can I, and/or do I want to, keep doing this thing?”

A lot of my answers to #3 have been “No.”

However, here are a couple of the things I’m going to keep doing, and what I’ll be working on this month:

  • Creating curricula and resources for The Safe Zone Project. We’ll have a birthday update this July with lots of new stuff.
  • Recording and producing the new podcast Heretic: Social Justice, Minus Dogma. This got set-back with the above setbacks, but I’ll be doing it independently, with a hopeful May release.
  • Making cool stuff that I want for myself available to others on The hues Store. This is a new thing! The hues Store grabbed the hues.xyz domain, and I moved the hues Collective site to healthyunderstoodeducatedsafe.com (catchy, I know).
  • Publishing weekly content at IPM and my blog. I started this trend about a month ago, and I’m going to keep it up for the next several weeks.

Finally, the most important update of my life ever: my partner and I are looking for a dog. A DOG!

K, that’s it for now. Got to get back to working on this site. I have about 200 pages to port over from the old Wordpress Site I was originally using for my online CV.

<3 sK