My now is a lot of new.

The first new – and this is 100% the most important thing I’m working on – is learning all things puppy. Training? Feeding? Pooping? Scooping? Yes.

As any other expecting parent in 2018, I’ve turned to the internet for help.

Good news: lots of people have great advice for me and my pup.

Great news: I’m still not an anti-vaxxer.

The new pup is a Morkie, and he’ll be making a debut on my Insta any time now. I love him so much I cry sometimes when I think about him and I think that’s normal so all is well, right?

The work-work that I’m working on is split into two uneven portions.

The Nibbler Portion: I’m redesigning and rebuilding the Safe Zone Project Website, as well as creating a lot of new content that will need a home.

This undertaking is being directed by a mountain of data we’ve collected over the years, and will hopefully make that project even easier for people to use, and provide some more of the things people have been asking for.

For any curious UX/UI designers out there, I decided to try out the Adobe XD app and I’ve been digging it so far. It’s basically a clone of InVision smashed at high speed into a clone of Sketch.

And the nibble: I’m getting ready to record episodes of Heretic. I went “back to the drawing board” on this podcast, but I’m now feeling prepared to step into the arena.

I just published another article about Social Justice Dogma, which will make conversations with potential guests easier, I hope. We’ll see! This is just something I need to get out into the world at this point, so I’m ready to do some learning in public.

I’m also enrolled in a class.

For my first time since grad school, I’m back in a formal learning setting. It’s a class about “Machine Learning” from Stanford University offered through Coursera.

It’s my first time in a formal education setting since grad school, and in a subject I’m new to. I’m excited both.

Oh - and speaking of, I have some homework I need to get back to. Don’t wanna disappoint Professor Ng.

<3 sK