Yesterday, I sent emails to several thousand people, making the Social Justice, Minus Dogma Online Course + Community as official as it will ever be. Within moments, we had 7 people enrolled. Within 30 minutes, I was reviewing the first submitted response from a student.

That was a little bewildering to me.

Someone who, before getting that email, couldn’t have possibly been expecting to enroll in a 6-week course during lunch, was already halfway through orientation before I had finished sending everyone emails about it. Amazing. That person made my month.

SJMD has been most of my June, and will be my July and August too, at least. I’ll be:

  • releasing the modules for the course (one each week for the next 6 weeks),
  • reviewing student replies and course material submissions,
  • co-facilitating the online community,
  • manually enrolling new members who can’t afford tuition every day (that’s the hope, at least – already added four!),
  • squashing bugs in the code in any of the 7+ websites that make this thing possible, and
  • working with the community to identify a walkable path forward for social justice advocates.

But my life won’t be 100% SJMD.

What else will be going on? Let’s see…

I’ll be in Austin all month, other than a weekend in Chicago. I’m excited to spend time with both pups loves (yep! two now!), and my now-outnumbered human love.

Oh, and I’m still working on Facilitator Cards, and will be doing the annual Safe Zone Project birthday update with Meg in July.

Happy summer you beautiful souls,

<3 sK