You might as well call me Samta (no pressure), 'cuz I'm delivering presence all over the world. And it's not just IPM, I'm rummaging through the hues workshop and grabbing everything that isn't passed its expiration date.

But it really started with IPM. I realized a few months ago how inaccessible IPM was, despite that being one of my core values.

Sadly, IPM wasn’t accessible in three different ways:

  1. For blind and low-vision users, IPM was difficult/impossible to use;
  2. For people in parts of the world that have low-bandwidth or slow internet, IPM was a pain to load (despite being faster than 90% of websites, according to Google); and
  3. For how expensive it was to host, I couldn’t afford spikes in traffic, so it was becoming difficult to deliver it as a free resource (because I stopped performing the show to fund it)

Now, as a result of this months-long rebuilding process, IPM is more accessible than ever – improving its presence in the 230+ countries it reaches every year, and for all the blind and low-vision activists who come by.

But hey! Isn’t this a “Now” update? Not a “Then?” Why didn’t I write about this months ago, when it was all happening?, you might be thinking.

Because I’m in the process now of doing the same thing with all of my other still-popular projects that exist on the web.

(And you better watch out with that tone. You might end up on my naughty list.)

I’m going to be trying to make all of my free online resources more accessible in every sense of that word: not just free and uncopyrighted, but sustainable to host, and useable by all users (regardless of their sightedness or geolocation).

Using the lessons learned from rebuilding IPM, and similar technologies (similar to the tech used to build this site,, where you’re currently reading this update), I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to overhaul the other projects that make the cut. It’ll just be time consuming and, at times, tedious.

But doing work that makes things better for the environment, blind & low-vision users, and global visitors? Worth it.

In addition to my online resource audit, I’m also currently splitting my focus on a few more things:

Wishing you happy holidays & a happy new year, you filthy animals!

<3 s(amta)K

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