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After 7 Years Doing this Work, I’m [Re-] Branding. Here’s how I’m making decisions.

Are you considering creating a "brand" for yourself or a project? Maybe this will help.

After 7 Years Doing this Work, I’m [Re-] Branding. Here’s how I’m making decisions.

I got thrown into this. Two-fold.

I got thrown into the work I’ve been doing. And I got thrown into a situation that’s led me to question everything, rethink and restructure, and make decisions that feel like an overall “brand.”

While I’m happy I’m here, one of the strongest forces that’s guiding what I do next is precisely avoiding how I got here: no more being thrown into stuff. Seem easy? Maybe. Probably not.

I’ll get to that in a second, but first the back story.

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2016, A Brief Review of Creativity

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” - Bill Gates

2016, A Brief Review of Creativity

2016 was, well, quite the year.

All in all, I side with what appears to be the consensus that it was, if given only one descriptor, a dumpster fire. That said, it was also more than a dumpster fire, and I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the things I made this year — something I basically never do.

So, with that said, following is what I finished, published, and/or created in 2016.

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Meet FacilitatingXYZ: A Free Online Resource for ALL Facilitators

Why I'm so excited about launching this new project (another collab with Meg Bolger)

Meet FacilitatingXYZ: A Free Online Resource for ALL Facilitators
Updated September 12, 2016: we officially launched this project, after about 11 months in development, production, and ideation. Woohoo!

FacilitatingXYZ is everything I wish I had when I got started as a facilitator — and together, we can build it into something that helps us continue to learn, develop, and grow. It’s a free online resource with videos, articles, downloads and (soon!) community to help all facilitators improve their craft.

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Do, Reflect, Tweak, Do: From Thought/Day to Dear World

The new direction I'm taking this site, which is mostly just a new name for the same direction it's always been going.

Do, Reflect, Tweak, Do: From Thought/Day to Dear World

When I first started this project several months ago, I was pretty clear about what my goal was with the writing here: in short, nothing.

I wanted a space to explore new ideas, to reflect, to write, to share, but without any particular “goal.” So much of the writing I do is extremely goal-oriented. I wanted to see what would happen if I created a space that was less structured. I wasn’t sure what I’d end up writing about, what shape this site would take, and was happy to follow my fingers on an adventure.

And it was fun. I wrote a lot of things I’d’ve never written otherwise, found that I have thoughts about seemingly random things that others find value in reading. I only got a few pieces of hatemail compared to a pile of encouragemail — this was new. I started with only one real rule, but I broke it after about 100 days. I was planning on writing once a day, and when I started traveling a lot at the beginning of this year, I missed one day. And that’s the funny thing about habits — one missed day is alarmingly similar to one missed month, then you’re only a hop & skip away from a never happening again ever.

After missing a few days, I experienced stress related to this project that I hadn’t experienced, and decided that it was time to take a break from it, reflect, and see if it still has a healthy place in my life. I’ve done that now, and I’m happy to say that it does. Kinda.

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50 Thoughts, New Site, Checking in on What I’ve Learned

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” - Rosa Luxemburg

50 Thoughts, New Site, Checking in on What I’ve Learned

This will be my fifty-first post on this site. It’s been a fun fifty-one days of this experiment.

When I set out on this adventure I was hoping to accomplish several things, a couple in particular: to learn more about myself and get the ideas that rattle around in my head out into words. I’ve done a lot of both of those things, and am looking forward to doing more. And I just rolled out a new design for the site (similar, but different) that will hopefully make browsing more enjoyable.

Here are a few more things I’ve appreciated about the Thought / Day thing these past couple months:

  • I’m less terrified of podcasting now, am proud to have officially roped my buddy Ian in for The Hawthorne Effect, our podcast that will be a forever work in progress but I’m excited to be a part of.
  • I’ve learned a lot of things from myself, which is weird and kinda cool
  • I’ve learned a lot of things from people who have been reading along, which is super cool.
  • I’ve started two new books that will (likely) both be coming out in 2014, and my plan is to publish them the same way I published A Guide to Gender (pay-what-you-want option).
  • I’m excited to be stepping into the video world soon, having just built a DIY light kit.
  • I’ve said a lot of things that have been in my head for a long time but I’ve been afraid to say out loud.
  • I’ve challenged myself in other fun ways (more on that below)

Challenges Accepted

I’ve occasionally challenged myself to make changes to my life or look at things differently, and encouraged anyone reading to challenge themselves as well. This has been one of my favorite parts of the project, and something I’m definitely going to keep up. But what good is a challenge if there’s no follow up? Here are some short updates and reactions to the four challenges so far:

Asking for HelpIn addition to the direct call for help in this post, I’ve started drawing up some plans for 2014 that are going to be much bigger scale requests for help. It’s been tough, but just writing that post made things much easier. More updates to come on this forever-challenge.

Go See a Movie By Yourself. A lot of people have written in that they’ve taken me up on this challenge, and the responses have all been awesomely positive. I’m full on team “see a movie by myself” and it seems that a lot of other folks are, too. Fun!

My Gratitude ChallengeThis one started out well (for the 7 days), and I was writing a lot of emails to people I would have never emailed otherwise, but it’s tapered off since. I never got any responses from the people to whom I was showing gratitude, which I think would have helped catalyze it to become a habit. But in lieu of writing strangers I’ve been more intentional about showing my gratitude to the people in my life.

I Will Tell No LiesOooo weeee, this one was a doozy. It’s amazing how easy it is for me to casually lie (white lie) about things that don’t matter. I have told lies since that lie-free week, so I’m failing, but I’m not able to do it without noticing any more (white [lie] guilt), so I’m slowly curbing the habit. Give me another month or two.


2.5 Weeks and 15,000 Words in, How Am I Feeling About Thought / Day?

I hope this isn't like when you take the cake out of the oven too early and don't have a toothpick and try to test if it's done with a knife and just end up stabbing your cake to death.

2.5 Weeks and 15,000 Words in, How Am I Feeling About Thought / Day?

I’ve written a lot in these past few weeks of this new experiment. When I launched this site I shared a few of my reasons why, but I have also been aware from the start that I really didn’t know where this project would go, and I still don’t. That’s what I like about it. Living without expectations is a good way to live.

But not knowing what’s ahead is far different than ignoring what’s behind, and I’m all about reflecting on my behind.

I really enjoy the time I spend writing and thinking and talking for this site. It’s the only place on the internet where I go without a goal in mind, and can just express what I want to express. It’s cathartic, challenging, sometimes anxiety-inducing, sometimes relaxing, and all the times fun.

I’ve shared a lot of things here that I would have probably never written down if it weren’t for this site. In the process of writing, I have also gained a better understanding of important ideas (like this). Other times, seeing the words I was writing revealed things to myself that I didn’t quite know (like this). And other times nothing has necessarily come from the thought of the day, other than the ritual of sitting behind my keyboard and creating — but that, in itself, is something. I have a podcast on iTunes now! (what?!) I got an article picked up by a big online publication! (I still have no idea how that happened, but it was a shocker) Oh, and I broke the T key on my keyboard, so that’s somehing!

It feels like I’ve grown a large amount of person-ness in a small amount of time.

And after this past weekend, where I was engaged in a 48-hour straight hyperactive game marathon charity fundraiser extravaganza, and still managed to think / day (and didn’t even once consider letting it slip), I think I’m in this for the long run.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts with me so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what this turns into, and I’ll be happy to have you along for the ride.

Now I’m going to sleep for a couple days,



Welcome to Sam Killermann’s Thought / Day

For one year (at least), I'm going to share a thought a day. These thoughts will be presented in a variety of formats (articles, lists, videos, comics, haiku, interpretive pancake eating) & on a variety of subjects (see: all), but I will follow 1 rule: I'll update every 24 hours.

Welcome to Sam Killermann’s Thought / Day

I created this because it’s been a long time coming, and I decided to stop letting time slip away.

People have asked again and again if I have a personal blog. I do not. Well, I did not. I do now. And I will keep it up for at least one year. 365 days. 12 months. And probably about 500,000 words. Continue reading → “Welcome to Sam Killermann’s Thought / Day”